No More Weekly Stories

I know, I know. I feel like I’ve just been spouting bad news about the changes I’m planning for my blog/writing, but I promise they are all for very good reasons. Just as I will no longer be writing weekly book recommendations, I am also ceasing the weekly flash stories as well.

“But Ryan, will you be posting anything on your blog?”

Yes. I will. I promise. I will just be posting less frequently. I will be changing gears and writing less flash fiction and more short stories, which I plan to submit to literary journals for publication. I currently have one story officially published. I hope to get at least five stories published in 2019 and write several more that may be published in subsequent years. This is all an effort to progress toward my goal of publishing my first book. It is all meant to help improve my writing as well.

This change is also not going into effect until 2019, so the weekly stories will continue through the end of the year. I feel as though my table of contents has grown to a suitable size to entertain you and new visitors should you ever look through the list. The same goes for recommendations. I’m not stopping completely, so I will continue to add more. I’ll still post random micro-fiction from time to time too.

I do actually plan to expand on several of my flash stories I’ve posted here and turn them into short stories. Many of my flash stories were concepts that I think deserve more attention. I know which ones I like the most, but I am definitely open to suggestions. If you liked one of my stories and want to see more of it, leave a comment with the story title.

4 thoughts on “No More Weekly Stories

  1. Congrats on already having a short story published! Where/ how did you get it done? I have submitted a short story to a couple of publications but it wasn’t long ago. I’m still waiting to hear back.


    • Thank you. It was published a little over a year ago now in a literary magazine called Kansas City Voices. I have it posted on here also should you like to read it. It’s called “This is Your Life.” It was accepted after I submitted to the magazine. The submission game is sometimes hard, and it takes time. I’ve only submitted a handful of work but I’m hoping to get more published next year. You just have to put yourself out there and stick with it. Rejections will pile up of course, but it’s all worth it when you get a piece accepted. Also, just because one story gets rejected at one place, that doesn’t mean it won’t be accepted elsewhere. Never give up on your dreams (I’m writing this so my future self can also take this advice).

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      • I agree 100%. I have yet to hear anything back from a publisher, however, I have received negative reviews on my amazon page. To me, that was the biggest blow I have taken yet because it felt so out of left field. It has taught me not to take it too personally because it makes me a stronger writer to have adversarial criticism (even though I still think this person must be delusional (lol)). Thanks for the wonderful advise Ryan! 😀


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