About the Author

Ryan Yarber was born in St. Peters, Missouri to awesome parents who put up with his curious nature that sometimes led to trouble. They nurtured that curiosity and provided him with books while also introducing him to epic stories like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings which were the mental equivalent of steroids to a bodybuilder. They also tolerated his many, surely terrible stories he wrote as a wee lad.

He grew older and moved to more creative endeavors which included short stories and truly awful poetry both of which helped him learn what not to do. Luckily he had the foresight to keep these hidden from the world and they have since been lost to memory.

Ryan studied at the University of Central Missouri where his writing improved to potential non-rejection level. He met many interesting people and learned a great many things before finishing his degree. He worked in editing for a year before deciding it was not the life for him so he returned to school to obtain an MFA in Writing from Lindenwood University. During this program he either found the confidence to finally release his work into the world or simply stopped caring about the inevitable rejection.

He currently lives in O’Fallon, Missouri with his wonderful and supportive wife, incredible baby girl, and continues to trudge through the world of literary publishing. You can expect to find his first book when he gets done writing it. Meanwhile, enjoy the stories he writes specifically for this web page.