The Stormcaller

StormcallerThis week’s book recommendation is The Stormcaller by Tom Lloyd. Fair warning, there will be a few caveats in the recommendation, but know I am recommending this book because I like it. The story follows Isak who is a white-eye. White-eyes are born bigger, more charismatic, and more powerful than normal men. Basically chosen by the gods to be leaders and, theoretically, guide humanity to create a good world (because we have a hard time of doing this for ourselves). White-eyes are still technically human though, and they have their faults. Bad tempers being one of them, which makes it hard-going when they are often outcasts. Isak is an outcast, but is given an opportunity when he is chosen as heir-elect by Lord Bahl, Lord of the Farlan. From here the adventure ramps up. Full of magic and epic fights, this book and its sequels are a great read, especially for fans of fantasy.

Now, the few limitations I have to reveal about this recommendation are: It has been some time since I’ve read this book, and I have only read the first three books of this series. I found this book as most people find books, in the bookstore (you can find it in libraries too of course). I read it, then the next, and the next….and then I found out the fourth book was not yet published. Of course it was a bummer because that meant waiting for the story to continue (damn authors not finishing their work to fit my schedule, I say hypocritically (and in jest) while still working on my first novel). I went on reading other books and didn’t know that the next two books came out, but I will be returning to this series. I’ll probably start over and read them all the way through, especially since the series is now completed.

If you’ve beaten me to finishing this series, please let me know how you liked it (spoiler free please). If I end up beating you to finishing the series, I’ll update this recommendation

Happy Reading.

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