My Writing Year in Review – 2018

My writing goals for this year were:

  • Keep up my weekly Flash Fiction on this blog (and book recommendations).
  • Write a few short stories to submit to journals.
  • Finish my book.
  • Increase the number of readers (if possible/if I can make myself promote the blog).

I accomplished half of them. I did not finish my book (I hardly worked on it at all actually), but I kept at my goal of posting a new story and a new book recommendation each week resulting in 66 stories and 55 recommendations for the year. I wrote a total of 96,985 words for this blog this past year, which is why I will be changing things up in 2019. I did not write any short stories to submit to journals, but I did increase the number of readers (though I did not really promote myself). I nearly tripled the number of views for my blog, had four times as many visitors, and more than six times as many “likes” on my posts. Overall, it was an awesome year. For this, I say thank you. I appreciate everyone who reads my work or looks at my blog.

This next year I will not be writing weekly stories or recommendations. I’ll post recommendations randomly, most likely after I finish the book I recommend, which may be quite a few since one of my goals this next year is to read more books. I will be focusing on writing short stories for publication this next year. My goal is to get at least 5 stories accepted into journals by this time next year. These will be my only two goals. Anything I accomplish outside of them will be considered bonus objectives.

My non-writing accomplishments this year include getting engaged and married. I also found out I will be an uncle early next year (though this is not my accomplishment but it will be awesome). I also built some awesome bookshelves (see below) that are already full. I hope you had a great year and an even bet year to come.

As always, Happy Reading.





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