Submission Life

Well, as expected, the submission life has come around and balanced itself out. Since my first ever submitted work got published, I’m not surprised the following handful got declined. My expectations have been met and my hopes have been bashed against the rocks (but they were pretty much rocks themselves so not too much harm has been done). It’s what is expected after all. I’m still very much a beginner and need to write more and submit more. Get my work out there which is one reason I created this blog. That being said, thank you to everyone who reads and especially to those who went the extra mile and clicked the like button on the last few flash fiction stories. I know they’ve been more sci/fi, but it’s what I like, and I’m glad you liked it too. It means a lot to actually know people have read and enjoyed my work.

Though my weeks have been hectic of late, I’m still staying true and posting a post every Friday. I’ve even stepped it up and have started posting flash pieces on Thursday which I tend to write minutes before posting so don’t think I’m incompetent if a typo slips through. I don’t proofread or edit those. I do, however, proofread and edit my longer works and won’t let anyone see them before I think they are at least decent. Only a handful of people have read the first few chapters of my book (which I said last week that I’m already re-working). Everything is a work in progress until I think it’s ready. Sometimes I’m not sure, but I send it out anyway. That’s how a lot of things work though in reality. In stories we can make things work out how we want, but in life we sometimes have to fly before we swim (doesn’t make sense but “run before you walk” is overused and you get my meaning).

If you are a reader and have any questions or want to say anything, you can contact me via the Contact page. I’ll reply fairly promptly.

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