Start of the Year Reading List

Slaughterhouse FiveA new year means new books to read (as if I had any trouble finding something new to read). I am still wrapping up my full readthrough of Vonnegut’s novels. Having recently finished The Sirens of Titan, I am now wrapping up a re-read of Slaughterhouse Five to conclude all 14 novels by Vonnegut in the past 6 months. I also plan to read two non-fiction books I have by Vonnegut. These being A Man Without A Country and Palm Sunday. I’ll move on from Vonnegut after those and get to the many other books I want to read.

Novelist as a VocationI also am reading Novelist as a Vocation by Haruki Murakami. I have yet to read any of his novels, but this one has popped up in social channels probably because it was newly released in English translation this year. It originally published in 2015. Murakami has been on my list of authors to read and I have a few of his novels that I may get around to this year. For now, I will at least read this selection of essays on the craft of writing.

Spring SnowThe next series I plan to read is The Sea of Fertility tetralogy by Yukio Mishima. The first book is titled Spring Snow. I wanted to read this series after I read The Sound of Waves as my first experience of Mishima’s work. This series is supposedly his masterpiece and definitely jumped up on my TBR. I’m hoping to read the entire series this spring. Since I read The Sound of Waves in a day, I hope I’ll be pulled into this story and read all four books in a short time.

My Hero Academia

The last of this list is the manga series I plan to read this year. I’ve read one series a year for the past two years and have another series I want to explore despite it not being complete at this time. This series is My Hero Academia. I’ve been enjoying the show greatly and figured I could read this series quickly. I typically wait until a series is complete before starting so I have no breaks in reading the story. I doubt it will be completed by the time read through what is available, but we will see.

I hope you have some fun reading plans for the new year.

Happy Reading.

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