Genius Kitchen

Genius KitchenThe third installment of what could be considered the Genius series, Genius Kitchen is Max Lugavere’s cookbook which is split into two parts. Part one is an overview of nutritional information and what you want to have in your healthy kitchen from foods and spices to utensils and cookware. Part two consists of recipes to help you explore and find ways to make your healthy food delicious.

Admittedly I have not made every recipe in this cookbook, but I have read part one and made a handful of the recipes. All of which were really good and are “make again” dishes for myself and the family.

Part one is a great reference to information on what you should keep in the kitchen and why you should use it. Much of what is in this section is an overview of what can be found in Genius Foods, but in an easy-to-reference format that can help remind you the essential information for each item (really useful when prepping or starting to make an actual meal). Part one can also be a primer for nutrition facts where Genius Foods can be a deep-dive for anyone wanting to know more about the science behind how our bodies intake nutrients. That means you could start with this book and then look into the other Genius books if you are interested in learning more about how to be healthier while navigating our modern environments.

This is actually the first cookbook I’ve ever recommended. Just goes to show how versatile and important books are. From fiction to non-fiction, books enrich our lives. My hope is that this one, alongside the several other nutrition books I’ve recommended lately, can help us extend our lives by being healthier, happier individuals. Longer lives means more books we can read.

Happy Reading.

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