Mid-Year Update 2022

We are nearing the middle of the year but I felt it necessary to give an update now as I have been neglecting this blog. I typically post here 3-4 times a month, but I only had one post in April and this is my first post for May. This was caused by a number of reasons, but the primary cause is that my reading slump has continued. This blog is focused on books, authors, book-related topics, and occasionally about me. Since my reading has slowed, it’s no surprise my activity here has also slowed. I am still reading, though not at my normal pace, and most of the books I’ve read recently have been nutrition-related as I am still interested and learning about how to be healthier both physically and mentally. All good things, but I’m starting to get that itch to hold a physical book and dive into a story that you lose yourself in for a time.

I can’t recall the last book I’ve read that demanded my attention and had me needing to know what happened next. This may be because my recent reading has been almost exclusively non-fiction and in audiobook format. There were a few books earlier this year that I started but just couldn’t get into and eventually put them down. This contributed to the slump but other factors have also contributed. My focus on nutrition and health also includes preparing most of my own meals and exercising regularly. This of course takes up time (the good thing about audiobooks is I can listen while cooking which can even help keep a focus on healthy eating when the book is about nutrition). I recently received a promotion at work which has also kept me busy and put higher demands on my time and drains mental energy. Again, all good things, but free time is harder to find.

Lastly, and I can’t believe how fast time flies, I am also a father of a beautiful daughter who will be one year old in just a few weeks. Taking care of a child demands your attention and time, and I often find myself wanting to do little else but spend time with her. I am grateful I work from home so I can sneak in a little time with her throughout the workday when she is in the house.

All of these have contributed to my lack of reading and thus my lack of posting here. I hope to change this for various reasons. One is that I simply miss reading and posting here. Two is that reading has been shown to reduce stress with there now being various studies conducted that affirm this. Reading as little as six minutes a day can show a sizeable reduction in stress, and unfortunately my increase in work responsibilities has increased stress levels. Stress has also been shown to increase unhealthy weight gain. Just a few more reasons to get back to reading great stories.

Aside from the lack of time, it has also been the inability to find a book that grabs my interest. The few books I’ve read recently I didn’t enjoy enough to recommend to others. Therefore I am turning the tables and requesting book recommendations from you (which is always welcome) so that I can get back into my reading habit and continue recommending books here. I never really need a reason to go to the book store or library and peruse the shelves in hopes of discovering the next great read, but it never hurts to get suggestions from fellow avid readers. I’m sure I will find my next great read soon.

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