Life Update 2021

It has been a minute since I’ve posted a general update about myself. As always, I hate talking about myself but I think doing so may help shave away at the awkward feelings I have about it. So here goes.

I just recently finished my MBA in Management which is my third (and very likely last) degree I will obtain. I have a BA in English and an MFA in Writing. Despite three degrees, I do not feel like an accomplished adult, but that is something I am beginning to view as my own shortcoming. I think my view is that there is so much in this world to discover and learn about, and I want to learn about so many things, that I may never be satisfied even with what many consider significant milestones. Formal education included, I think one of the best ways to use our lives is to discover the universe we live in. Maintain a sense of wonder as we go about our daily lives. Experience all that we can with the short time we have. I just have to remind myself from time to time that I can’t learn everything I want to all at once, and it is okay, even beneficial, to spend time not learning anything at all.

One major life event, and continuous sense of wonder, that has changed how I view the world is the birth of my daughter this past summer. Violet has reintroduced and reimagined my previous views of love, life, and happiness. Just seeing her brings a warmth to my heart. Another life change for me was the beginning of a new job, which luckily allows me to work from home and pop up every so often to steal time with my daughter.

I don’t get to travel as much as I would like, and I am not rich or in a position where I don’t have to work full-time, but experiencing the world can be done in any way, shape, or form. I mostly get experiences, in our world or outside of it, via books (hence this blog). Fiction can sometimes show us more about being human than the real world can. With the internet and false information being spread like wildfire without cause or care as to how it impacts people, sometimes it is safer to learn about ourselves through a confirmed veil of fiction. It is much better than trying to argue with someone who already has their mind made up. I could go on for ages about how we should always be open to new information and use that information, after checking validity or source, to make adjustments to our own views, but right now let’s just move on.

I hope this year has been kind to you and that you have brought kindness to others. I truly hope you maintain or rediscover your sense of wonder in whatever form that may take. The world is too big and beautiful for us to lose ourselves in the narrowed tasks of jobs, bills, and arguments. If you are unhappy and nothing is changing, then make a change. It is your life after all.

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