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I have been actively posting on this blog for 4 years and have created nearly 350 posts. Much has changed as I maintained this site while being busy with other aspects of my life (getting an MFA, buying house, getting married, having a baby, and now finishing an MBA). I figured since I have been doing this for a while and have somewhat settled into a rhythm and focus for this blog, then now would be a good time to provide a welcome to any newcomers and give a brief tour (perhaps frequent visitors will learn something also).

I created this blog in 2017 without a thought as to what I would write about. For about 6 months I posted sparsely and about random things though it all centered around writing and reading. After those 6 months, I began posting regularly and eventually posted my first published short story. You can find my current list of publications on this blog. It is currently small but I hope to grow this list as the years progress. Posting this story essentially prompted the entirety of 2018 where I posted a flash fiction story and a book recommendation each week. These have become the primary purpose of the blog though I have stopped posting original stories due to being busy and turning my writing focus to getting published and finishing my first book. I post about 3-4 times a month on average, sometimes less when I’m really busy, but I aim for 3-4 regularly.

So let’s begin the tour. I’ve tried to keep this blog as simple as possible, so the design and menu have been kept minimalistic. The menu breaks things out for easy access and is essentially self explanatory.

Menu Screenshot

The Home button shows the most recent posts. You can comment on any posts by clicking the Leave a Comment, or Comments, at the top of each post.

Comment Screenshot


My Stories will take you to a list of my original stories. This include my published flash piece and any new stories I will post, but most are from my weekly posts from 2018. If you hover over the My Stories tab, you will see a drop-down to click on Publications which will show you everything I have had published to date.Publications Screenshot

The Book Recommendations tab will take you to the list of every book I’ve recommended on this blog. I write recommendations, not reviews, so there are no spoilers. The purpose of these are to peak your interest or give enough information to let you decide whether the book is one you would like to read. There is one caveat here. I did a readthrough of The Wheel of Time and documented my reactions within each book. These posts do contain spoilers past book two, but any post that may contain spoilers will have a blatant spoiler warning so you can avoid anything you don’t want to see.

On Authors is a section where I talk about different authors, the people behind the books, and how they have influenced myself or my writing.

Lastly, the About Me section is simply a little blurb about myself as a writer. I’m not a fan of talking about myself, so I tried to have fun with it. The About Me also has a drop-down for Contact information should you wish to get in touch personally or on social media.Contact Screenshot

That covers the menu and the majority of this blog. There are some interesting things at the bottom of the page. There is secondary access to the main menu, you can view posts by category, follow my blog by signing up for email notifications (only when I post so typically 3-4 times a month), a few social media icons if you want to connect, my recent Twitter posts/interactions, and my list of recently read books via Goodreads. You can also follow my blog via WordPress if you have your own blog or account. I also have a little badge for TheWriteReads which is a great account that facilitates blog tours for books. I sometimes participate, when I have time, meaning from time to time you will see a post about an upcoming or recently released book.

Well, that concludes the tour. I hope you explore and find something you like.

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