Time to Vote

I do not discuss politics because they often only infuriate me or sadden me with little I commonly agree with. I hate that the political climate, especially of late, has been extremely divisive. There are always those who will defend candidates and attack others with little information or simply say “well both sides do it” as a base justification. This is never an excuse. I hope we all review our choices and cast our vote for who we want to represent us as a people.

I will never tell you who to vote for as it is a choice only you can make. I will only encourage you to vote because voting matters. It is how we as a people exercise our choice of representation even if the candidate we did not vote for wins. Not voting means not participating in that selection, and I will say you have no right to complain if you did not cast a vote. I will not lump you in as a reason things may go to shit (if that should happen and I pray it doesn’t in any situation), but I will stop any complaints with a simple “well, you should have voted then” because we both know it is true.

So, again, I am not telling you who to vote for. I am simply encouraging you to vote and use your voice. I hope you do vote or already have done so. My little personal caveat is that I hope you, like me, vote with compassion and with regard to your fellow citizens no matter what race, ethnic background, sexual preference, disability, ability, religion, non-religion, etc., because empathy is what builds unification and creates a better place for everyone. I think we can all agree, regardless of political affiliation, that we as a species can do better for each other, for the planet, and all other living things that share this good Earth. We must strive to be better, always.

Happy Voting.

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