Network Effect

Murderbot, Network Effect

Oh Murderbot, how I’ve missed you. Martha Wells’s The Murderbot Diaries continues with Network Effect. If you have not read any Murderbot books yet, do so immediately. This series is phenomenal. The first book in the series is titled All Systems Red. I recently discovered that the first four books (all of them novellas) will be published in a one volume collection. It is supposedly scheduled to be available later this year.

Network Effect is the fifth installment of the series and the first novel. 350 pages of glorious Murderbot fun bringing back many characters and introducing a few new ones. We get a greater understanding of the Preservation and Corporate territories thus bringing this universe into better perspective. We also get to see our beloved bot continue its journey of understanding other humans, itself, and its place in the universe. Murderbot has come a long way since hacking its governor module.

Murderbot is an introvert. They don’t like interacting with humans (though it is getting better at it), they would prefer to spend all their time watching media/shows, and they are trying to figure out their existence in the universe. This is why I think so many people have fallen in love with this character. Most of us can relate to one (if not all) of these areas. If you have ever canceled plans to stay home and do nothing, you can relate to Murderbot. Murderbot can also be a snarky asshole even when it is inadvertently creating attachments to humans and other constructs (which may also be another level of connection to the character).

There is so much I want to discuss, but I try to keep all book recommendations spoiler-free, so I’ll wrap things up.

Even though Network Effect came out a few weeks ago, the next installment has been confirmed. Fugitive Telemetry is the next story and will be released in April 2021. It will be a novella similar to the first four. More information about this new book, and the 1-4 collection, can currently be found at Macmillan’s website. I am already looking forward to Murderbot’s next adventure.

Happy Reading.

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