Towers of Midnight

Towers of Midnight

Towers of Midnight is book thirteen in the Wheel of Time series. This is the penultimate book with Memory of Light set to wrap up the entire series. I must say that though a lot happens in this book, there is still much left to be resolved as we come to the end of this epic story. Therefore, this post will be slightly different than previous ones. I will be going through my thoughts of this installment, but I will be providing a few guesses as to how I think some things will turn out. I may also throw some random, unlikely guesses in just for fun.

So before we begin, I must provide the obligatory Spoiler Warning for the remainder of the post. If you haven’t read the series, you likely won’t know what I’m talking about at this point, but I’d hate to ruin something for you should you do decide to read it (you should because it is great). The same goes for anyone who is currently reading the series but hasn’t yet made it to this book. If you fall in this category, go check out my thoughts on the previous books. I would absolutely hate to be a reason something big was spoiled for you. I was able to avoid many spoilers during my first read-through of this series (fingers crossed I still avoid them as I read the last book), but I did end up having a few things spoiled. Luckily, they turned out to be different than what I thought they would lead to and some were not terribly surprising, but spoilers are just not fun for anyone. It’s best to experience things yourself without anything being ruined.

Let’s start with the prologue. As with all previous beginnings, we get several tidbits from this one. We get a short scene of Padan Fain/Mordeth who is apparently going to get yet another name sometime. He has been in the Blight making his own Trolloc army. They are almost like zombie Trollocs. He is gathering a force to face Rand during the Last Battle. I think we will get a final showdown in the next book between Fain and Rand since Fain has been chasing Rand since book one. I thought Fain had been absent for much of the last several books, but he may yet play a larger role. Or he will just get killed off like Masema, but I think the showdown will be more dramatic than that. I do think Rand will need to be the one to kill him. However, I could see Perrin doing it since Fain killed Perrin’s family. I can’t imagine anyone else taking out Fain since he hasn’t had many interactions with anyone but Rand. Yeah, he has the dagger that consumed Mat in the beginning, but that wasn’t really Fain doing anything and Mat never crossed paths with him personally.

Next from the prologue is Graendal. We get to see her inside of her hideout just before Rand obliterates it with balefire. She was meeting with Halima/Aran’gar who had Delana along. Graendal has Aran’gar use Compulsion on Rand’s messenger. As the balefire approaches, Graendal is able to escape. She sacrifices Aran’gar to do so which is why Rand believes Graendal is dead afterward.

We get a short scene with Galad, who is a larger character in this book, where he gets trapped by Asunawa. Asunawa is a prime example of what is wrong with the fanatical Whitecloaks. He calls anyone who opposes him a Darkfriend, even if those people are other Whitecloaks, while he himself commits evil. That is one reason he is so easy to hate. He uses the mask of his station and organization to commit crimes and atrocities to suit his personal needs or desires all while claiming to be doing the right thing. Galad surrenders to Asunawa to save his troops from having to fight against other Whitecloaks. He saves many lives and this does not go unnoticed. More about him when we get to his story-line.

The last character we see in the prologue is Lan. He is traveling to Tarwin’s Gap and is trying to do so incognito. Someone finds and convinces Lan to take him along. We get small scenes of Lan’s travels throughout this book so I’ll wrap them up here. He goes from one ally, to several, to several dozen, and then an entire army. He then reluctantly announces publicly that he rides as the King of Malkier. At the end of this book, we see Lan at Tarwin’s Gap with an army of about 12,000. Before him is a Trolloc army numbering close to 150,000. His battle will be one of many in the last book.

One quick side-note before we get into the thick of things. Apparently it has only been two years since the events of book one. This seems like an absolutely crazy short amount of time for everything that has happened. Then again, between the Ways and Traveling/Gateways, our characters can instantly be where they need to be without months of traveling. The fast-travel element becomes essential to the story, but at the same time, two years still seems super short. That means the majority of our main characters are only in their early twenties at most.

Moving on. Most of this book centers around Perrin and Galad so I’ll talk about their stories first. Perrin is making his way to Caemlyn but is having a hard time of it because of the large army and the landscape decaying around them. Perrin and Faile are able to make up and eliminate the awkwardness around them (thank goodness). Perrin begins learning the Wolf Dream with Hopper. He encounters Slayer again, whom we haven’t seen since book four (technically we do get a short scene with him when he was named Isam, but he and Perrin haven’t seen each other since book four in the Two Rivers). The Wolf Dream is actually Tel’aran’rhiod or at least they are within the same plane of reality(?).

Galad becomes the Lord Captain Commander of the Whitecloaks after the other Lord Captains kill Asunawa as a traitor. They knew Asunawa was wrong and that Galad was a better leader. Galad is still doing the right thing no matter the cost, but he is about to be educated.

Perrin’s army and Galad’s troops run into each other on the road toward Caemlyn. Galad meets with Perrin and too quickly decides that Perrin is what Byar and Bornhald claim him to be, a Darkfriend. I had hope for him at this point that he could turn the Whitecloaks around, but his quick judgement, though slightly twisted by Byar’s zealotry, made that hope dissolve like mist in the morning sun. He chooses the wrong action believing it to be right. He thinks that the Whitecloaks must kill Perrin despite the fact Perrin’s army would decimate his troops.

Perrin finally agrees to fight the Whitecloaks despite his many attempts to parley. He meets with them one last time with both armies lined up. This is when Galad sees Morgase and her identity is revealed to Perrin’s camp. Perrin convinces Galad to hold a trial of Perrin’s actions from book one. Galad agrees as long as Morgase is the judge. Morgase  agrees. Morgase finds out shortly before her identity is revealed that Gaebril was actually the Forsaken named Rahvin. She and Tallanvor have been on rocky ground because she is unsure of what her role in the world is/will be.

They hold the trial. Perrin is considered guilty of killing the two Whitecloaks. There was no evidence to determine if Perrin was a Darkfriend despite Byar’s insistence that it be part of the formal accusations. It is during the trial that Bornhald and Galad begin to see Byar is extremely biased against Perrin and is not entirely truthful. Though Perrin is found guilty, his punishment is deferred to Galad as it was decided the altercation took place between two mercenary groups. This was determined by Morgase in accordance with a law regarding unsanctioned troops in Andor. This means that Perrin would not be executed by law, but Galad could exact that price if he chose it. Perrin convinces Galad to postpone that decision until after the Last Battle. Galad reluctantly agrees.

All this time, Galad and Berelain have been eyeing each other up and down since they first saw each other. I remember something stating they would end up together. Was it a viewing of Min’s? I think it was, from way back in book three when they were in the Stone of Tear. They practically become an item.

So Perrin somewhat cordially resolves the conflict with the Whitecloaks. He then goes into the Wolf Dream to determine what is wrong in the area they are staying. The Asha’man are unable to make Gateways and Perrin senses something is off. He comes to the conclusion that his encounter with the Whitecloaks was staged or it was desired that they fight each other so a third force could come in and kill whoever was left.

Within the Wolf Dream, Perrin finds the ter’angreal that created the dome around the area his camp is in. This dome is what is preventing the Gateways. He fights Slayer with a small pack of wolves while most of the other wolves are heading north for the Last Hunt/Last Battle. He takes the ter’angreal away from his camp so the Asha’man can take his army to Whitebridge. Slayer chases him in the Wolf Dream all the way to Tar Valon where Perrin decides to confront Slayer. Perrin being in Tar Valon impacts Egwene’s story, which I will get to a little later. Perrin fights Slayer with the help of Hopper. Hopper gets killed and Perrin gets wounded, but Perrin is able to destroy the ter’angreal and stab Slayer in the gut. I’m not sure how Slayer doesn’t die from this, but he somehow escapes. I can’t remember exactly how (a lot happens okay), but if he still lives then Perrin will have to fight him one final time in the next book. We do learn that Slayer and Luc are the same person. However, is seems like they are two entirely different personalities because Slayer tells Perrin that Luc hates him with a passion.

Perrin’s acceptance of his wolf abilities and the Wolf Dream really make him come into his own. Perrin has always been a favorite character of mine. He was on shaky ground there for a while when he was doubting himself and kind of messing things up with Faile, but now that he has accepted who he is and will lead his people despite the fact he doesn’t want to, he returns as a favorite. He is about to become even more badass too. He makes himself a new weapon. A battle hammer that he forges himself with a little help from the Asha’man Neald, who weaves the One Power into the weapon. This leads to Perrin’s army working on creating Power infused weapons for the Last Battle.

Though Perrin and Galad reach an agreement, they are not rid of each other yet. Perrin knew that Slayer being there was part of a bigger plan. He has his army readied and Travels to outside of where the Whitecloaks are. Galad thinks that Perrin is going to attack them but eventually sees that Perrin is there to defend the Whitecloaks against a Trolloc army. The battle ensues. Perrin fights with his new hammer that is ridiculously awesome (it burns Shadowspawn on contact!). Perrin then rides down into the Whitecloak camp to save Galad and his troops. While Perrin saves Galad, Galad tells Perrin he will deliver his verdict then and there, which is to pay a sum to the families of each Whitecloak he killed and to fight in the Last Battle. After saving their lives, Byar tries to stab Perrin from behind but is prevented from doing so by a sword in his own back from his buddy Bornhald. Bornhald knew it was the right thing to do. He realizes that Byar was not telling the truth and that Perrin did not kill his father.

After the fighting, Perrin convinces Galad to swear an oath to follow him in the Last Battle. Morgase and Tallanvor get married and Perrin, as officiant because he is a lord, holds a very short ceremony for them.

Perrin then catches up with Mat and Thom in Caemlyn. He meets with Elayne as well and comes to an agreement that makes Perrin practically lord of the Two Rivers. Morgase reunites and then stays with Elayne. The last we see of Perrin is him Traveling to the field of Merrilor where the other armies are gathering to meet with Rand.

A final scene with Perrin is during the epilogue where he discovers the wolf Boundless within the Wolf Dream is actually Noam, the man he met when traveling with Moiraine. Noam had been locked up and had lost all of his humanity. He had been consumed by being a wolf. Perrin learns that Noam had a tragic life. He lost his family and was being abused. Noam chose to fully become a wolf, or enter the Wolf Dream entirely, as an escape. This helps Perrin come to terms with his decision, or balance, he has reached.

Next I will talk about Egwene since she and Perrin have a slight interaction. She reveals to the Wise Ones that Rand plans to break the remaining seals on the Dark One’s prison. This is why the armies gather in the field of Merrilor; to try and talk Rand out of doing this. Rand hinted that this decision would be a huge conflict between him and Egwene.

Egwene convinces Nynaeve to return to the White Tower after they meet, with Elayne, in Tel’aran’rhiod and they discover Alviarin and another Black Sister were spying on them there in the dream world. Egwene is convinced Mesaana is still in the Tower and begins a hunt to find her. Several Aes Sedai have been killed alone in their rooms, which Egwene attributes to Mesaana’s work.

We find out later that it is actually the Seanchan assassins who stayed behind after the attack on the White Tower to cause maximum damage. We find this out through Gawyn, who is a nuisance to Egwene at first because he disrupts her trap to capture the murderer in the Tower. He goes to Caemlyn and has a heart-to-heart with Elayne and then speaks with a former sul’dam to get answers about the dagger he kept after fighting off the assassin the first time. He rushes back to Egwene just in time to get cornered by three of the assassins as they attempt to kill Egwene while she is in Tel’aran’rhiod. He fights off all three despite the fact they have ter’angreal that make them more lethal (while also poisoning them or sapping their life energy?). He defeats them but is dying when Egwene returns to the waking world and heals him by bonding him as her Warder.

The reason Egwene was in Tel’aran’rhiod was two-fold. She holds a meeting with the Wise Ones and the Sea Folk and strike a deal that they each would trade apprentices so they could all learn from each other while maintaining their autonomy. She then has the Wise Ones stay with her after this meeting as she had laid a trap for the Black Ajah. The trap is sprung and they go to fight the Black Sisters and hopefully capture Mesaana. It is here that we see the Wise Ones’ mastery of the dream world. They are absolutely lethal in the fight as they manipulate their surroundings.

It is also during this fight that Perrin and Egwene cross paths. Egwene is battling it out when Perrin brings the ter’angreal, called a Dreamspike, into Tar Valon. This prevents the Black Ajah or anyone else from leaving the dream world or traveling outside of the city while in the dream world. Perrin runs into Egwene in the Tower and he is able to assist her with his mastery of the dream world as well. In probably the most impressive feat by Perrin, he deflects a shot of balefire with his hand like it was nothing. This proves that the dream world can be fully adjusted to the will of the person. Egwene believes what Perrin did was impossible. Perrin didn’t really know it was balefire and believed it was just another attack. Therefore, he was able to deflect it. If he believed he couldn’t deflect balefire, he would have died instantly.

The Dreamspike proves essential to Egwene’s victory because she does get captured by Mesaana. She and Mesaana have a mental standoff, or battle of wills, and Egwene wins. The result breaks Mesaana’s mind and she goes into a vegetative state. A few Black Ajah escape, but many are killed and only a few Aes Sedai are killed.

We last see Egwene in the field of Merrilor as she goes to meet Rand. Gawyn is with her and is full Warder now, but he does nearly break down when he sees his mother is alive.

Somewhat tied to Egwene is Nynaeve. When she first returns to the Tower, she tests for the shawl properly, mainly as a formality, and it does not go well. Those conducting the test are extremely hard on her and almost do not let her pass, but when put to a vote, they do let her become full Aes Sedai. She goes straight to Myrelle, who is outside the Black Tower, and demands she transfer Lan’s bond, which she does. So Nynaeve has Lan’s bond before Lan gets to Tarwin’s Gap and before the other big event in this book (which centers around Mat and I will get to that soon).

I’ve covered enough now to talk about the few Forsaken we see in this book. First, of course, is Graendal. She had chosen Perrin as her target. Moridin shows her a book of prophecies that states Perrin will die. The Forsaken apparently have their own prophecies. So many prophecies. I am again questioning which ones are valid and will come true, while uncertain if they all may come true. The Seanchan have their own, the Aiel, the Sea Folk; nearly every society has their own foretelling of the world. Certainly they can’t all be accurate or come true. Perhaps they are all just potential futures.

Anyway, Graendal was using Slayer to help her try and destroy Perrin. Moridin apparently lent Slayer to her for this purpose. Her failure to kill Perrin, via Slayer and the Trolloc forces, leads Shaidar Haran to speak with her. He blames her for Mesaana’s death as well since the Dreamspike she had used ended up preventing Mesaana from getting away. Shaidar Haran takes Graendal away to be punished.

Things aren’t going well within the Black Tower. Mazrim is building his own army while there are forces loyal to Logain thus causing a rift similar to the splitting of the White Tower. The weaves for Traveling no longer work within or near the Black Tower. Is a Dreamspike being used here now? Those loyal to Logain are trying to get information and not fight back against Mazrim without Logain present. I don’t know if we know where Logain is at this time. He is missing. He isn’t with Rand and he has been away too long for the comfort of his men. One thing his men do find out is that Mazrim has been turning the Asha’man loyal to Logain to his side somehow. Either through Compulsion or, possibly, melding the Asha’man with a past life that was loyal to Mazrim, who I’m fairly certain is Demandred. With Mesaana and Aran’gar dead, and Graendal practically imprisoned, Demandred is the last “free” Forsaken besides Moridin and his two lackeys Moghedien and reborn Lanfear. Unless I am missing one. I don’t think I am.

The issue in the Black Tower will need to be resolved prior to the Last Battle. Unless it takes place at the same time. Technically, if Mazrim is Demandred, then he would be fighting on the Dark One’s side and the Black Tower can just be another battlefront during the Last Battle.

I’m going to save Mat’s story for last and talk about Rand next. We last saw Rand on top of Dragonmount. We get an insight from Perrin’s story-line that shows Perrin had approached Rand while he was up there, but it was in the Wolf Dream. The wolves had gathered at the mountain to see if they would join the Last Hunt. It was during Perrin’s visit that Rand finally melded with Lews Therin. The first scene we get of Rand is him walking down from Dragonmount and is basically a new man. He is happy. He knows exactly what he needs to do. He can fend of the Dark One’s touch on the world and can control his surroundings. He is no longer the emotionless weapon he was forging himself to be. He is now the figure of a savior. He, like Perrin, has finally come into his own. His joining with Lews Therin gives him memories of his past life/lives which will help him in the trials to come. This melding was due to Cadsuane supposedly but it was really Tam who did this for Rand. Rand goes to Tear and makes up with Tam. He is doing everything right. Correcting past mistakes, but it will take time to correct everything. Another cool ability he has now is that he can find Darkfriends simply by looking at them. He does this with Weiramon and Anaiyella in Tear while he is their. Weiramon was kind of a tool anyway so I’m not terribly surprised.

Rand visits the White Tower and speaks to Egwene. He tells her he will attack Shayol Ghul after breaking the remaining seals on the Dark One’s prison. He tells her to prepare to join him and meet him on the Field of Merrilor on a specific day.

Before Nynaeve leaves Rand to go to the White Tower, she finds a way to cure the madness caused by the taint on saidin. She Delves and sees the madness like thorns stuck in the mind. She can remove them. She does this for an Asha’man who was helping her respond to a bubble of evil, which is where she learns how to do it. She Delves Rand and sees his mind is filled with these thorns, but there is a web of light underneath that is protecting him from them now.

Ituralde has been fighting off the Trollocs from the Blight. He is doing a phenomenal job of defending the border of Saldaea, but he is doing it alone. The Saldaeans refuse to help until there is a minor civil war inside the capital. We later learn the one in charge of the city while Queen Tenobia was away was a Darkfriend. The fighting moves into the city after a wall gets destroyed by the One Power. Someone on the Shadowspawn side can use the One Power. Ituralde fights in the city with the Saldaeans. They are about to abandon the city when forces arrive. Rand and Bashere are with them. They save Ituralde and the city. Rand goes out into the field and wipes out thousands of Shadowspawn single-handedly and forces them back into the Blight. Rand had gone back to Bandar Eban prior to saving Ituralde. I was glad to see him right this particular wrong because Ituralde trusted Rand and agreed to fight believing it would save his homeland.

Rand meets with the Borderland rulers. They each slap the shit out of him when they first meet him. Apparently they had their own Foretelling/prophecy (so many) that stated how Rand would react to them beating him up. If he had met with them a few weeks earlier, they would have all died and the world would have been lost. Instead, Rand is doing things right and convinces them to return to the Borderlands to fight the Last Battle. Rand even asks to meet with Hurin to apologize.

Elayne is in Caemlyn doing what she does best: putting herself in harms way without help or contingency plans. Her luck is just a hare behind Mat’s. Seriously. She disguises herself as a Forsaken and visits one of the Black Ajah she has imprisoned in the palace. She does so to get information, but during her visit two Black Sisters come to free the one she is interrogating along with Mellar. Elayne fights off a few Black Ajah simply because she has Mat’s medallion with her protecting her from their attacks. She made a deal with Mat which I will discuss in a moment. She lucks out and is able to escape with a broken collar bone and a stab wound to the side by Mellar. Luckily, her babies are not harmed in this attack. Mellar kills the three Black Ajah when they become incapacitated. He does this to prevent them from being recaptured and because he is evil. He then escapes with one of the copies of Mat’s medallion that Elayne had made. Elayne is rescued and Healed.

She had Mat’s medallion because she struck a deal with him. She gave him access to Andor’s resources to build the dragons, which are canons, and in return he let her borrow the medallion to study for a few days. She tried replicating it, but couldn’t get an exact duplicate. She plans to make enough of the lesser version to give to all her troops because this lesser version protects the wearer from minor weaves of the One Power. It also prevents anyone who wears it from using the One Power.

Some information Elayne got from the Black Ajah before her ruse was discovered included the plan of a large scale attack on Caemlyn. This leads Elayne to increase the speed of production for the dragon canons. When Perrin arrives in the city, Elayne is reunited with Galad and Morgase. Morgase then becomes an important adviser to her.

Lastly for Elayne, she delicately maneuvers with high risk but is rewarded a somewhat easy ascension to the Sun Throne in Cairhien. We last see her going to the Field of Merrilor to meet with Rand and all the other armies.

Next to last is Aviendha. She doesn’t have much presence in this book, but what little she has is important. She goes to Rhuidean to become a full Wise One. While there, she contemplates the future of the Aiel since she already knew what to expect when going through the glass pillar ter’angreal. She does what no others have done, and goes through the glass pillars a second time. This time it shows her not the Aiel’s past, but the future. She sees generations of her people from the distant future moving backwards to her own children she will eventually have with Rand. What she sees breaks her heart. The Aiel lose themselves as a people and face extinction. All of this is caused by a war with the Seanchan. Rand apparently calls all nations to have a peace with the Seanchan, but the Aiel are exempt. They fight the Seanchan alone and are slowly destroyed by the war. The Seanchan continue to expand and destroy. They continue to collar anyone who can use the One Power. Even the White Tower eventually falls to them.

Will this vision come to pass? Will Aviendha be able to avoid it? Will Mat or Tuon or Rand be able to prevent it?

This shows the future of the Aiel and the other nations as well. This is the world after Rand defeats the Dark One, but it is still full of strife. People still fight each other and fail to unite. The Seanchan need to be dealt with before or after the Last Battle. Is Rand going to kneel before Tuon as the Seanchan prophecy states? Will he be blind when it happens? I honestly hope not, but I’ll have to read and find out.

Okay. Mat is the last character left. He is waiting outside of Caemlyn as per his agreement with Verin. He finds out the gholam is there too and has been tracking him. It attacks him and reveals it has a new owner that gave it free reign to kill those close to Mat, who sleeps in different places each night to avoid the gholam.

Mat strikes the bargain with Elayne and goes without his medallion for a few days. Thom and Elayne have a nice reunion and Elayne gives Thom a request to become the official court bard. It includes a pardon for all past crimes and his exile (which we still don’t know what he did).

Mat gets the medallion back, with a few of the replicas Elayne made, and decides to face the gholam head on. He manages to lure it out and “kill” it by kicking it off of a Skimming platform and into the supposedly endless void. The Skimming was created by one of the Kin from the palace. Mat decides he wants to give the two replica medallions to Tuon and Olver. The fight with the gholam was a little anti-climactic considering the gholam was a continued nuisance and hard to kill. I was hoping Mat would kill it outright using the medallion or some other item. I wonder who the new owner had been. Presumably Moridin.

In the final chapters, Mat, Thom, and Noal finally leave for the Tower of Ghenjei. They enter and use Mat’s surreal luck to navigate the place. They find Moiraine and Mat makes a bargain to help them escape. The Eelfinn take one of Mat’s eyes. He is now almost the spitting image of Odin when he travels anonymously. He has had many similar events happen to him that happen to Odin the Norse myths. But even with the bargain they have to fight their way out. Noal sacrifices himself to help them escape. He reveals himself as Jain Farstrider. This was hinted throughout the last few books so it wasn’t a surprise, but he does say something interesting. He tells Mat that if he ever sees a Malkieri, he should tell them that Jain Farstrider died with his hands clean. What could that mean? Was Jain Malkieri? Did he have anything to do with the fall of that kingdom?

Thom, Mat, and Moiraine escape the tower. Thom and Moiraine then reveal that they love each other and decide to get married and that Thom will be her new Warder. Like Mat, I completely missed this pairing. I mean, Moiraine has been gone since book five, and therefore most of the series, but I did not see her and Thom becoming an item. I thought Moiraine was possibly related to Thom somehow, like a lost daughter or something, but I guess I misread Moiraine’s age. Isn’t she in her forties? What is Thom, sixties, fifties? Maybe they are closer in age than I thought. I knew she would return since we didn’t see her die. Now she is back just in time for the final events.

In the epilogue, Olver and Talmanes are playing Snakes and Foxes. This is the first time we get Olver’s point of view. He seems to be more aware and intelligent than we were led to believe. He opens Verin’s letter to Mat and Talmanes gets mad, but he reads it too. The letter reveals that a large force of Shadowspawn were sent to attack Caemlyn through the Waygate there. Verin explains that she assumed Mat would open it after a few days if she didn’t return. Mat refrained from opening it so he wouldn’t be tied by more Aes Sedai plots. Talmanes rushes out and raises the Band after he sees Caemlyn is under attack. The Shadowspawn have arrived and it was exactly one month as Verin predicted. Of course, Elayne and her army are gone when the attack happens. Hopefully Talmanes and the dragon canons can fend off the attack. We will see this battle, or its aftermath, in the final book.

That wraps up Towers of Midnight. With only A Memory of Light remaining, I am excited to see how this epic ends.

We haven’t seen Loial, but I think he will show up somewhere in the next book. Maybe even with an army of Ogier, which would be awesome. Loial is still one of my favorites even though he has been absent of late.

I think Mat will pull off some crazy stuff during the Last Battle, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his luck finally runs out and he gets killed. I only think this because I think Aviendha’s vision would not happen if Mat was with Tuon. If Mat is allowed to be with Tuon and help her rule the Seanchan, I think he would be able to stop her from collaring users of the One Power and to not continue conquering lands. He may even get killed because he lost his eye. He’ll miss an attack on his left side. Maybe.

Something has to happen with the Seanchan. Will they fight in the Last Battle? Or will they stay behind and try to conquer whoever survives that battle? I still don’t like them. I’d be okay if they get forced back across the ocean, assimilate to other kingdoms, or just remain as its own country in Altara.

I hope Perrin survives. I think he will, but we are in the endgame now and many people could die. We almost know with some certainty that Rand will die. But will Rand’s death be permanent? I think Egwene will survive as well. The White Tower will endure, but they may take heavy losses during the Last Battle. They will be essential to win that battle though.

I am very curious how Moiraine’s return will affect things. Obviously, she will cause a stir with those she knew well, especially Rand, but how else will she be essential to the ending of this story? She has to play a big role since she was brought back and the cost was heavy in order to bring her back. I wonder how Lan will react if he survives to see her.

So much left to discover. I’m hoping to fly through this final installment and learn everything I can. It is strange drawing near the end. It is series’ like this, that you stick with for so long and follow characters through so much, that make you pause near the end or after it is over to contemplate the entire story. Perhaps it is because we don’t want it to be over, but I think it is because we know that even after it has ended, it has changed us. It is like we lived an entire life within these pages and now we must go on again. Perhaps this is how Rand felt as he melded with Lews Therin. Remembering the past lives he once had while continuing the life set before him.

This was a very long post. I want to thank you for taking the time to read it. I will of course be posting my thoughts on the final book, A Memory of Light, once I finish it. I hope to do so soon.

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