Goodbye Patreon

Yeah, I’ve canceled my Patreon on account that I had no Patrons and I could never bring myself to hide any of my work behind a pay wall. These could be directly related, but I hope not. Essentially I was just posting my stories on another media account that didn’t have any followers, so I got rid of it to save me time and ease my conscience about possibly accepting money for my weekly stories. I know everyone says that you shouldn’t make art for free and all, and I agree with that statement, but my “art” in the form of flash stories is not something I think really deserves that kind of attention.

I do think that my work can get to a point where I can accept monetary compensation without feeling like a hack, and this may happen soon. I mentioned in an earlier post that I will be changing up my writing habits and goals for the next year. Again, I’ll be detailing these changes a little later. Though my long-term goal is to write books. Of course I’ll need to write my first one and see if I can sell it. Maybe one day I’ll get rich like Rowling and sell billions of books (I’m joking, honest, though I do dream about writing full-time).

Now, there are plenty of awesome people creating cool things on Patreon and this is in no way a post against the platform. I still donate to a few artists that I think are cooler than canned air and deserve more than the attention they are already getting. I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t because it is easy to get inspired by what people are doing there. The platform just wasn’t for me.

If you use Patreon, feel free to comment with a link. I’d love to check out your work. I’m also open to hearing why you may think Patreon is the best platform ever. I love good discussions.

I still link my stories to Facebook and Twitter, and I’m mostly active on Twitter if you want to have a conversation.

One thought on “Goodbye Patreon

  1. Yeah…I never tried it. Unless you have rich relatives or friends who want to sling money at you to show support, it probably won’t yield much. But that doesn’t mean the work isn’t worth a ton. I get books for free from the library, and they’re amazing.

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