No More Book Recommendations

Okay, that title is a little misleading, but I will no longer be posting book recommendations on a weekly basis. This is for several reasons. The first being that most people (and unfortunately myself included at the moment) do not read a book a week. I plan to increase my reading quantity greatly, but I’ve been struggling to find the time and a book that really grips me. You know that feeling when a story consumes your thoughts? When every neuron fired includes some aspect of the plot or characters that you can’t wait to get back to reading that book? I’ve been missing that of late. But I’ll find it again I’m sure. Of course not every book will have such an effect. I just hope to have at least a few a year that really take the reins.

The second reason is also logically simple. I’m running out of books to recommend. Before you yell at me to simply read more or try to convince me that I’ve read enough books to write a weekly recommendation for the next three years (which I’m sure I have), I must stop you and say that the recommendations I make here are made with consideration. I could easily spend a year recommending only Star Wars books, but I wouldn’t do that because I know not everyone likes that franchise and that it would be boring to see essentially the same thing every week.

What I’m trying to say is: I don’t write these recommendations simply for me. I write them because I genuinely like the book, of course, but I write them for everyone. I try to mix things up and recommend different genres, styles, and interests. I like to expand my own reading and hope to expand yours by simply considering a book I’ve recommended that you may have never heard of or would not have given a chance before seeing why I recommended it.

The third reason aligns with the second. You may not have noticed, but I have never recommended a sequel in any of my weekly recommendations. I could easily keep these posts going weekly if I had, but there is a reason I don’t, which goes along with what I stated in my second reason. If I recommend the first, and you like it, then I’m sure you can find the sequel yourselves, and I won’t be recommending something that I’ve essentially already recommended.

I have recommended several books by the same author, but never a sequel of theirs. I have recommended a series once or twice, but the first time it was all the books in one volume (more bang for the buck) and the second time I explain why in that specific post.

Now, as I wrap this up, I will clarify a few things. I am not getting rid of book recommendations completely because I think that would be dumb. I will be following through with my conviction to write the weekly recommendation through the end of this year. So, this change will not go into effect until 2019. I will still recommend books, but not as frequently or consistently. I will aim for at least one a month, but my writing aspirations for next year will consume more of my time. I will be explaining these in another post later this year.

As always, I am always open to any recommendations you may have for me. I will always encourage reading. And, of course:

Happy Reading.

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