Ready Player One

Ready Player OneThis week’s book recommendation is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. This book is centered around a virtual treasure hunt. In a somewhat post-apocalyptic future, the majority of the human race works, interacts, and even lives a majority of their lives online in a virtual world called the Oasis. The creator of this virtual galaxy passes away but leaves his fortunes (a majority of the world’s wealth) to whoever can find and solve the trials/clues he has left in the Oasis (which is literally the size of a galaxy). The only thing that helps narrow down the search is his love of 80’s pop-culture. I am technically a 90’s kid myself, but I was able to pull off a lot of these…


The book is being adapted into a movie directed by Stephen Spielberg. It will be coming out…apparently next month, which is plenty of time to read the book. The trailer I’ve seen looks like it will include a lot of modern pop-culture vs. 80’s, but I still have hopes that the adaptation will be good.

It’s a race within a world of almost limitless possibilities. Plenty of action and complex puzzles. What’s not to like?

Happy Reading.

Update: The movie was great. A few things were changed from the book for the screen, but it was a fun movie that more-or-less stayed true to the book.

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