StardustThis week’s book recommendation is Stardust by Neil Gaiman. This book is good. I greatly enjoyed it, but I have to admit that I liked the movie even better. With a stellar cast (no pun intended….maybe) and Neil’s added influence, it is a fun time. Robert DeNiro is hilarious. I recommend both the book and the movie, and I think whichever you go with first might be the one you prefer. The book isn’t that long so it’d be a quick read. I bet your local library may have a copy.

The story follows Tristram, a young man who crosses into a land of magic to find a fallen star for the purposes of proving his love to a girl. The trouble is, the fallen star is actually a person. What ensues is a magical ride with witches and princes chasing after the star for their own purposes.

Neil has written a lot of books and many have been adapted into film. I have a feeling most of you have already read (or seen) at least one of his works. If not, then you’ve just been introduced to a plethora of great stories. Thank me later. He has short stories, novellas, books, comic books (his Sandman comics have a large following), etc. He even reads his own books if you like audio books. He is also a great guy in general and I hope I meet him one day. I could go on, but this is a book recommendation and not (purposely) an author recommendation (even though they are pretty much the same).

Happy reading.

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