Some Changes to the Blog

I’ve made a few minor changes that I hope will make it easier for everyone. You may have noticed that I added a Book Recommendations tab to the main menu. Now you can look through strictly recommendations and see why I like them if you are looking for a new book to read.

Second, under the Stories tab, there is now a drop-down menu with 3 items. The first is the Table of Contents (formerly titled Stories by Title) and you can find all my stories listed here by title with links to the stories themselves. The other two are titled Fantasy and Science Fiction. Since these are the two most common subjects of my stories (and popular subjects in general) I added these easy links which will take you to a page strictly listing posts with that specific genre. These will also include book recommendations, but will hopefully be mostly my own stories. So if you prefer one over the other, you can now find your preferred lane easier.

I hope you like these changes and I’ll try to continually improve the site. Happy reading.

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