Book Recommendation of the Week

This weeks recommendation is Yes Man by Danny Wallace. Yes, there was movie made inspired by the book. Yes, the movie was good and conveyed the message somewhat and it was funny. Yes, Danny Wallace himself had a cameo in the movie.

The main reason I recommend this book is that is has the potential to change perspectives for the better. I remember I read this book after I went going through a real rough patch and it helped a lot. Imagine, you hear some guy on the bus say that people should “say yes more”, and then you decide to make that a life mission. Danny did. He said yes to EVERYTHING for an entire year. Even small things, and the stuff he experienced was quite impressive (good and bad). That’s right, this is an autobiographical account.

Anyway, the point is, our lives are very much within our control even when it feels like we have no hands on the wheel. The way we approach life directly corresponds to how our life moves forward. This book not only shows you how saying yes to absolutely everything can improve parts of your own life, it also shows you why you shouldn’t say yes to all things. It just suggests that you simply “say yes more” and get a little more out of life than when you would if you’d said no.

If you’ve seen the movie, check out the book. The book is almost always better anyway, and in this case, the book is quite different and an actual true account. I’d let you borrow my copy, but I lent it out and it disappeared. It my be time for a re-read.

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