Update to the Blog

So I’ve done some more messing around with the whole website thing and I was thinking of changing the layout but I kind of like this layout so I figured out how to add stuff I wanted. It’s small, but I think it’ll be beneficial. I’ve added a drop-down menu under the stories tab which has a page called Stories by Title. As you can guess, you can see a list of all the stories I’ve posted so far. I’ll update it every week when I post the new story. I hope this will make it easier for new visitors to get to the good stuff instead of scrolling through the stories page or (hopefully not) scrolling through the home page. Check it out. There may be a story you haven’t read. I’ll try to continue and improve the interface of the blog as I think of new ways to do so. My aim is to make it as easy as possible to navigate the page and find the good stuff. Happy reading.

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