Facebook & Twitter & Patreon

So, I’m terrible at self promotion but it’s a thing I’ll have to get over and step up to the plate on and take a couple swings and hope my record improves. Practice improves skill, right?

I was posting blog content to the empty internet for months before someone actually viewed my posts. I’m not sure how it happened, but it was cool (thanks random person who gave me a chance). That’s pretty much the point of having a blog, right? To have people read it? Well I’m spreading my wings in a sense and have created pages on Twitter (@YarberWrites) and Facebook for my writing that are connected to this very blog. I also have a Patreon page (if you’re feeling generous).

I hope this will increase readers and maybe make my stories easier to access. I appreciate any and all who read. It’s probably easier for readers (you) to contact me if you wish. Again, happy reading. Feel free to give me reading recommendations.

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