Book Recommendation of the Week

This weeks book recommendation is The Eyes of God by John Marco. This is book one of a trilogy with The Devil’s Armor and The Sword of Angels being the consecutive books. Fret not, these are not theological books. They are rather a fantasy trilogy I first read roughly ten years ago. I remember them quite well and will read them again sometime. That’s what is so great about books. You can read them as many times as you like and they will always be different. The difference being your perspective each time you read. The words will remain the same, but we as readers change and thus some books gain or lose value to us. I think when I do read this series again, I will still appreciate them (despite my initial hatred of one character’s decisions and her consequences, but we don’t always make the best decisions for ourselves I guess). I believe the three are roughly over 2200 pages together if I remember correctly, so it is a journey in itself, as most books are.

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