Book Recommendation of the Week

This week’s recommendation is Neuromancer by William Gibson. I’ve been told (rather I’ve read) that this is one of the essential/influential books in science fiction. I first heard of Gibson when he was referenced in a show called Psycho-Pass alongside Philip K. Dick who wrote Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? which inspired the movie Blade Runner. I believe the book was infinitely better than the movie. Both of these guys are excellent writers and their stories have influenced much of the science fiction we read/see today. Check them out.
It’s funny how we discover books and authors that become some of our favorites. I remember how I first discovered Patrick Rothfuss. His first book was the first recommendation I made on here. I came across an interview where he was interviewing another author about her book. I thought he seemed like a cool guy so I looked into his career and found a phenomenal fantasy story.

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