Our Story Begins

Our Story BeginsThis week’s book recommendation is actually a short story collection by one of my favorite short story authors: Tobias Wolff. The book is titled Our Story Begins and has 31 stories including one of his best known stories titled “Bullet in the Brain.”

Released in 2008, this collection includes 10 stories not previously published. Wolff has five other collections, two novels, and two memoirs. Of the five collections, I believe this is the largest. Therefore, you get more awesome stories to read. All of them are fantastic in my opinion. I recommend any of Wolff’s work. He captures human moments in a ways I can’t explain and only hope I can emulate as a writer.

If you’ve never read his work, I suggest you try at least one story. Some of my favorites are “Bullet in the Brain,” “In the Garden of North American Martyrs,” “Firelight,” and “Say Yes” just to name a few. I’m confident you will enjoy any story you pick.

Happy Reading.

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