Update on Published Stories

I know a little while back I said that I would only be posting my published stories on my Patreon page. I’ve done some thinking and have reconsidered. What I’ve come up with is that I’ll be posting my published stories on my Patreon page first, but will post them here a month later. This way, any Patrons have early access. I will maintain book chapter previews and story requests through the Patreon page only since the site was created for interaction between creators and fans. I thank anyone and everyone who reads and I felt it was unfair to hold any stories for ransom (the book chapters will eventually be published as the book…hopefully). Also, I’ll post all requested stories from Patreon on here as well. I’m not going to give up my website because I created a Patreon account. I only created one because I’ve finally begun donating to artists and felt it would be cool to give others the option to show support if they wanted to (I often shortchange myself [no pun intended] and even though I know I do, I can’t help it because I have little self-esteem/confidence in my work and creating the Patreon page is a step toward changing that).

Anyway, my first published story, in the newest issue of Kansas City Voices, is currently on the page for reading. Like I said, it will be posted here in a month so you can wait for it if you’d like, or you could just buy a copy of Kansas City Voices and get a bunch of other cool work from other artists too.

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