Book Recommendation of the Week

So I started doing a weekly book recommendation on my Patreon account and forgot to post it here, so I’m going to start posting it here too. So here it is:

This weeks book recommendation is The Martian by Andy Weir. Yes, they made a movie too with Matt Damon which was also good, but come on, check the book out. Andy Weir also has a new book coming out on Nov. 14th called Artemis which I’m looking forward to.

Update: I didn’t realize how shitty of a recommendation I wrote for this book, so let me amend that.

The Martian is incredible. Andy Weir is a genius (seriously, I think he graduated from college with a computer engineering degree at 15). His writing is often called “real science fiction” where it is science fiction but based on plausible facts. He goes into detail about why things happen and I think that is what makes everyone love it. The story is also an awesome stranded-in-space survival story. What’s not to like?

His second book, Artemisis written in the same way regarding fact-based science fiction. Though I think The Martian is better, Artemis is good and worth the read. It’s a quick read too.

Anyway, sorry for my shitty recommendation of this awesome book. Happy reading.

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