Sleep Paralysis

Before we get to the weird stuff, I just wanted to say that I added a new page to the site specifically for stories. Now you can bypass every blog post that doesn’t include a fictional story. Also, it should make it easier to simply find stories I’ve posted here. I’ve also added tags to all the stories I’ve posted so you can filter them that way as well. Yeah, I probably should have done this a long time ago, but I’m learning as I go.

Now, to the weirdness. I have never experienced sleep paralysis in my life….until about a week ago. I’ve heard stories about how terrifying it can be but I don’t know if every event deals with a frightening theme (of course I’ll need to do some research), but mine was of a semi-frightening event if it was in fact sleep paralysis.

I had woken up to a vibration in my head and a loud sound in my ear. It was one of those wide awake moments that happen suddenly caused by a jolt of adrenaline. I recognized the sound as a growl from some form of canine. My head was facing the other side of the bed and my arm was on the edge of the near side. The grow was directly in my ear as if a large dog was merely an inch from my skull and wasn’t happy, or was looking for a midnight snack. I remember being somewhat scared and initially wanting to turn and see exactly what was behind me. Though that’s what I wanted to do, I found my body wasn’t willing to cooperate. My arm seized and refused to move. After several seconds, my body still refused to move and I realized it would probably be better not to move if this thing was on edge. That it might attack me if I turned toward it. Of course, before that my thoughts were trying to figure out how a large fucking dog got into the house and crept over to my side of the bed. I was pretty certain the front door was locked (which it was, I checked in the morning). The thought never occurred to me until the next day that there might be somebody next to that dog. In my mind I only believed the dog was there, alone, but I couldn’t turn to face it so there definitely could have been something else there as well. Fear is an emotion that thrives on imagination. I remember after the first several seconds that I was better off not turning toward the beast (I was certain it wasn’t as big as Fenris wolf at least). Then I remember thinking that it would probably be best to simply ignore it and hope it turned away since I really had no other options. It was behind me so I didn’t have to worry about it getting to my girlfriend or my cat because it would have to get me first. And if it went after me, it would be on like Donkey Kong (if my body let me whoop some ass). So, after waiting some time without another growl, I guess I had drifted back off to sleep because I don’t remember anything else.

So I guess I’ll be looking into the mysterious symptom of sleep paralysis and probably freak myself out by reading some stories, but hopefully I’ll write one myself. I’m not much for horror, but I’m game to try writing it. Which brings me to something I had forgot to mention. I’m going to see Stephen King in person in exactly one month. It’s okay to be jealous.

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