Discipline > Motivation

Discipline is a synonym for time management. Ironically, most people take advantage of technologies that save them time but instead of using that extra time productively, they instead fill it with other tasks or useless time consuming “entertainment.” Of course, there are plenty of technologies out there that are simply time consumption devices and I fall victim to them all the time. I’ve binge watched shows and I play video games too often. I’ll hop on a social media site for a few minutes when I find myself bored. These time consumption devices are traps. They steal time that we trick ourselves into believing is saved from other task or is time we set aside to relax and these traps are our way of relaxing. This can of course be true, but what can we be doing that might be more productive? I know, “productive” is synonymous with work and nobody likes work. But we all have dreams. Things we want to accomplish. Yet we can always make an excuse to not put in the work to eventually achieve that dream. I have fallen into a terrible routine lately of doing just that. I have not been reading (which has been awful) even though I’ve been wanting to read. It’s like going to the fridge to get something to eat and the fridge is full of food but nothing sounds good so you just give up on choosing and decide not to eat anything. I want to read but no book has grabbed my attention and made me want to read. It sucks because when I read, my drive to write increases. Reading is like priming the engine for my imagination and gets my mind right to create. I love reading, and I hate when I have the urge to write but lack an idea or motivation. Writing only when you have ideas and motivation will delay work to a point where it might not get finished. To be a writer, one must write. Therefore, discipline is needed. If you don’t take the time to work for the dream, the dream will remain a dream. Or, as my favorite saying goes, if you don’t change something, then nothing will change. For me, it’s time to change something. To get back on track with working on the book and writing other stories. Discipline is making the time and by making the time you eliminate the need for motivation or make it something you can self-produce instead of waiting for it to magically appear out of the ether. With seemingly a million things to get done, it’s time for me to herd some cats and get the ducks in a row and whatever other animal idioms you want to add. It’s time to get serious and stop horsing around.

Please send me reading recommendations. If you want to know what I like first, the last few books that I really got into have been The Name of the Wind and Ready Player One. When I say got into, I mean was so lost in the story that everything outside of the book seemed irrelevant until I finished (aka never wanted to put it down). I’ll take any and all recommendations regardless if it’s a short story or poem or book series.

Side note on motivation: I find that music can help me focus and get motivated. I’ve also been watching motivational speeches by people I look up to which inspires as well as motivates.


There are a million different names for various lengths of fiction. Most commonly there is the flash fiction length which can be anywhere between 250 and 1000 words. I’ve been seeing a lot of reproductions of the “write a story in 6 words” challenge, so I thought I’d give it a go. The title isn’t included in the word count (they often aren’t) but it is essential to the story, so don’t throw a red flag because of it.


Clear Skies

Rain fell on my son’s grave.

What do you want?

Hello. I started this blog back in February this year and have been posting a lot of random things so far. It’s my blog, I do what I want. I can even do this: a;ldsjf;ajpoij;ldsanfoidsajdvnaseoheoia. I could do that for an entire post, or even my entire blog. But that would be dumb and boring. The reason I created this site was to showcase my writing and eventually have it as an way to connect with fans of my work (IF I HAD ANY!!). Obviously I need to get a few books published before that actually comes about. Hopefully it will. Anyway, I’m thinking of doing a serial story on here. I think it’ll be fun and it would keep things interesting and actually provide a consistent form of content. I’ll probably start it up next week. I’m still toying with ideas but I might have the serial story come out weekly on a different day than I make myself write a post (like today, it’s always Fridays). One, it’ll make me write creatively every week. Two, I can have something I think might be worthwhile to readers on here. Three, it’ll hopefully be fun. Four…I actually don’t have a fourth thing to say. I’m open to suggestions if you want to read anything specific. It’ll most likely be something sci/fi or fantasy related since most of my interests lie in that genre. What would you like to read?


In the late hours, while lying in bed, motivation creeps in like spiders and apparitions of a different life appear. The walls between conscious and subconscious blur from opaque to translucent just before the dream projector begins its reel. This is where possibility lives. My eyelids become stone gates. I see determination; to improve myself, help others, make this world better with…but the idea is burned into my retina and can never been seen directly. I become the urge to create but do not know what needs to be built. I am too late. My eyes have closed and dreams begun. Dreams erased in morning light. I will forget even the ghost that propelled them. My eyes will open clean and unbound as drawings in the sand are washed away by cold morning waves. I wake to a familiar reality but I do not remember building it quite like this. Tonight, I must remember to hang a dream catcher.