The first round of edits for my (soon to be published) story are done. I don’t think a second round will be needed. It is a flash story not quite 500 words and there were only minor edits suggested. Of which I only accepted two. I’m still new to this whole area, which sucks because I should have been submitting work a long time ago, but I’m sure my writing even three years ago was shit. I’m finally at a point where I have confidence in my writing, at least most of it. I can tell when my own writing isn’t up to par and have only felt confident about a few stories. Two actually, that I’ve submitted for publication. The one has been accepted (fuck yeah), and the other has been rejected once and I’m waiting to see if it will get rejected again. I don’t think I’ll play the numbers game and submit the same story simultaneously. I’m going to submit a story to one place at a time. This will eliminate the possibility of getting blacklisted by a journal and will keep me writing stories so I can have more out there getting judged at the same time. Maybe this will result in more acceptances between rejections, maybe not. Doesn’t matter. Have to keep writing. Therefore, I will end this here and move on to working on my book. Chapter 6 awaits and I have no idea what is going to happen. Let’s find out.

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