The Mental Wall

I’ve hit a wall this week. After getting through Chapter 5, I’ve seemed to drift off into a sea of absolute empty brainwaves. I can’t seem to get motivated which is only a small part because it would be easy to be motivated if I had some fun ideas about what to write, but I’m currently drifting. Of course I need to keep working on my book and try to write other stories as well. I hope/plan to submit a story to a writing contest before the submission deadline gets here [July 15th] and I know I have time, but at this moment, right now, I can’t see anything more than two minutes in front of me. I’m on the struggle-bus and its been driving me in circles all week. And it’s only Wednesday.

For anyone interested in writing contests, there are a lot throughout the year held by many different journals. The one I am hoping to submit to (once I get back to my regular self) is the Fairy Tale Review. It’s a fun journal. Check it out. I think it would be cool to be published in it. Fingers crossed. Of course, I need to write the story first and in my current mental state, I might need a little time before I get to it. Here’s to hoping I climb this wall sooner than later.

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