May the 4th be with you

It’s Star Wars Day! I am a huge Star Wars fan. Revenge of the 5th isn’t a thing by the way, unless it counts as a second Star Wars day. I don’t understand the hate, at least most of it, for the prequels. I really enjoyed them. Maybe because I prefer the tragic elements of the story, I don’t know. I liked Rogue One a lot, especially because it ends right where A New Hope begins, and I’m ready for Episode 8. I grew up with Star Wars. My dad was a fan and let me watch them as a kid. He also introduced me to The Lord of the Rings, so I guess you can say I inherited my nerdiness from him. But without my fascination with with those stories I can almost guarantee that I wouldn’t be pursuing writing as a career (or co-career/hobby). Of course video games also tie into that as well. Maybe I’ll pen a video game. That would be cool. I’d just need to find a developer or skilled group of guys to help make it. There are plenty of Star Wars games out there too. Republic Commando is one of my favorites. We are influenced by the things we experience. Star Wars was/is a big influence on not just me but millions of people around the world. I love being able to share the same enthusiasm about a story with others. I have a friend who didn’t see Star Wars until just before Episode 7 came out (yes, we remained friends after that knowledge was acquired) and he hates Luke Skywalker as a character. I think it’s hilarious because it pisses off my other friends, but I really think it’s interesting because he had a fresh take on it by viewing it at 25 versus the rest of us first seeing it when we were five or six (maybe younger). I like hearing knew views about things, but sometimes people are wrong and you just have to agree to disagree to prevent fisticuffs. Different views are okay and can help broaden thinking. I absolutely hate narrow minded people. Anyway, Star Wars is great. May the Force be with you.

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