The Internet can be lonely

I never thought that in the world wide web, one can still find a quiet place. Well, if your here, you found it. I started this blog only three short months ago (which isn’t a long, I know) and have not had a visitor. I may be wrong. Who knows? I know almost all of the “visitors” have been me accidentally opening my own page. There may have been one or two who actually stopped by. If so, thanks and I hope you enjoyed what you read if you read anything. I haven’t really advertised my blog or even brought it up in conversation, so I don’t think even most of friends know about it. I’m doing this for me.

It is nice to have a blog actually. I always thought I’d not really use one. That nobody would want to read what I had to talk about (same with social media), but it had always been suggested to have one if you wanted to be “serious” about writing because it was a showcase for your writing, etc. I may only have a few visitors for the entire time I have this, but I’m actually having fun with it and it forces me to write something every week (at least I make myself post something every week) even if what I write is only a small train of thought. In that aspect, it is very beneficial. I had a poor discipline of writing outside of assignments and occasional bad short stories. But I feel like I’ve really come into my own during my MFA program. My soon to be published story I think is proof of that. My confidence in my writing is finally where it needs to be.

I still write stories that I don’t share anywhere, but the stories I do share or submit I think are actually doing something. I will admit that I keep all my best stories for submissions and will not post them on here unless they get published. I know I haven’t posted a story in a while. I promise I will soon. This thesis is giving me a run for my money, at least the time limit on the thesis is.

For anyone who reads this or any other post/story, feel free to comment below if you feel so inclined, or contact me via the contact tab (yeah, I actually have one) and I’ll respond when I can.

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