Exciting news. My first story is being published. I won’t say what journal or which story it is until everything is final. I found out just the other day that it was accepted. I can now (or soon) say I am a published author. I’m even getting an actual paycheck for it too. This is kind of big. It means people like my work enough to share it. I submitted the story what seems like forever ago (3 months, which I’m told is a standard turnaround for such things). This is the start. This is how it begins. I just need to keep writing and keep submitting (which can be a bit scary, it was at first anyway) and keep building my resume of published pieces. Then I can maybe look for an agent to help get my first book published. My MFA thesis is the start of a book. Hopefully, I can finish it and get it polished an published in the next two years. Let’s aim for May of 2019. Hopefully sooner. Got to write it first. But that’s getting ahead of myself. Step one: write. Step two: submit. Step three: get accepted and published. Step 4: repeat. I’m on my way. I’ll post more info about my first publication later once it is actually in print. I’ll hopefully be able to post a link to it.

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