No one noticed when it floated down and took its first step on the asphalt outside. I couldn’t tell if it was male or female. Perhaps it didn’t have a gender. I never read the bible so I never really considered it. It looked human except for the large wings growing out of its back. These ones reminded me of a barn owl. It wasn’t naked but it wasn’t dressed for the winter either. Maybe they don’t feel the cold. When it touched down, it walked straight to the diner, opened the door, and entered. Everyone inside fell silent and stared. I sipped my coffee.

Chuck was the first to scramble for the door. Everyone else followed except Sherry behind the counter and old Wilma in her usual booth. Sherry was too dumbstruck to move and Wilma too fragile to move quickly. I pulled out my wallet and laid a ten on the table and palmed a five. It casually took a seat at the counter and asked for coffee. Sherry didn’t move. I got up and moseyed over and tossed the five on the counter.

“I’ll get this one, Sherry.”

It looked up at me with childlike eyes and smiled. Even this close I couldn’t tell. The long hair made it difficult. Sherry broke out of her surprise and slowly poured the coffee before retreating to the back room.

“I wouldn’t stay too long. Folk around here frighten a bit easy.” I pulled my collar up and stepped out into the cold evening air.

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